1. What are the qualifications and requirements for applying for a 1-year internship?

All applicants must be:

  • An active Christian for at least 3 years
  • An active member of an AMI church for at least one year. Active membership includes 1) regular Sunday worship attendance, 2) regular cell group attendance, and 3) tithing.
  • A college graduate. Applicants must have a completed B.A./B.S. degree before departing for the internship.

Upon being accepted, all interns must:

  • Raise prayer and financial support.
  • Participate in the AMI Cohort Program. Visit AMI Cohort Program for more information.
  • Attend AMI Institute (end of May) and AMI Revolution (end of June). The AMI Missions Coordinator will inform interns with the specific dates and registration information for these events.

2. What are traits and characteristics that AMI is looking for?

Upon receiving applications, AMI will consider each applicant’s:

  • Previous missions experience
  • Previous cross-cultural experiences
  • Teachability and humility
  • Adaptability: language, culture, environment, food, response to stress
  • Spiritual maturity: prayer life and regular devotions
  • Sense of responsibility and ownership
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual state

3. How should I make the decision to go on a 1-year internship?

  • Seek the Lord through reading the Word and prayer. Particularly during your junior and senior year of college, pray and ask God if He is calling you to devote one year after graduation to serve God through an internship.
  • Seek counsel and advice from your pastor and spiritual leaders.
  • Participate in a short term mission trip through your local AMI church and reflect on what God teaches you through the trip.
  • Discuss with your family about the opportunity and involve them in the decision-making process.
  • Read and listen to the testimonies of former interns.

4. What are the steps for applying?

  • Complete an online application.
  • Provide two references in your application. One reference should be from a pastor and the second reference should come from a cell leader or ministry leader.

5. When are internships available and when are the application deadlines?

Internships usually begin in July  after AMI Institute and AMI Revolution. Applications are open between late September and November each year.

6. What does a typical internship look like?

The roles that interns will play varies by location, but primarily each intern will support the team of full-time ministry workers by engaging in evangelism, discipleship, and nurturing meaningful relationships with local believers and non-Christians. Interns may be asked to lead in different ministries such as small groups, outreach activities, campus fellowships, and children’s ministries.

The key is flexibility and obedience to follow where God is leading. AMI believes in allowing each person to operate in their God-given giftings and passions, but there also needs to be a willingness to try new things.

7. How do I raise funds for my internship and how much do I need to raise?

The AMI Cohort Program will instruct interns with a detailed fundraising structure and the amount they need to raise. Interns will also need to discuss with their local church missions coordinator who may have additional requirements for fundraising. AMI requires that interns raise at least 70% of the target amount prior to departure.

8. Do I get to choose where I will go on my internship?

Applicants do not choose where to go on their internship, but applicants may express their preference. In the online application, applicants will be asked to list their top choice, second choice, and third choice of location. Ultimately, the decision of where you will serve will be made by the AMI pastors in accordance with the needs and requests of the long-term missionaries.

9. Is there a training for the internship?

Pre-departure training takes place through several forms:

  • AMI Institute: A two-week course focusing on the DNA, philosophy, and ministry practices of AMI. Learn from pastors and leaders of AMI and meet fellow interns, missionaries, and pastors from the AMI family.
  • AMI Revolution: A conference focused on mobilizing college students and recent graduates for God’s kingdom work.
  • AMI Cohort Program: A series of 5 meetings with fellow interns, led by the AMI Cohort Program Manager, focusing on essential topics such as forming a biblical perspective of missions, personal development, tools for cross-cultural engagement, and navigating interpersonal relationships on the mission field. For more information, visit AMI Cohort Program.

10. What are the costs and arrangements for attending AMI Institute and AMI Revolution?

For AMI Institute, interns are required to arrange their own airfare to the location, but lodging, food, and on ground transportation will be arranged by the host church.

For AMI Revolution, interns are required to arrange airfare, as well as pay the conference registration fee.

11. Are there rules for interns to abide by during the internship year?

  • Interns must not smoke or consume alcohol. Even if your on-site ministry leader doesn’t mind if you drink alcohol, please still refrain from alcohol.
  • Interns must not begin a dating relationship with a local person or a friend from back home during the internship. If you are already in a dating relationship before the internship, please be mindful of how much time you spend on messaging and video chats with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and consider how to remain focused on your service and relationships during your internship.

12. Am I allowed to travel during my internship? Do I have vacation or time off during the internship?

Interns are not allowed to travel for leisure or vacation during the internship year. Interns are expected and encouraged to be present and engaged in the relationships and ministry at their location. However, during national holidays in your assigned country, interns are allowed to arrange short trips to explore more about the people and culture of the country, as long as it does not conflict with any pre-existing ministry event. Interns can visit the hometowns of local believers, or arrange with co-interns and local believers to explore another city or province in the country. The point is to be engaged in the culture and relationships at your assigned country. Also, interns must not travel alone. Interns can take train, bus, airplanes on their own, but for the actual time they spend in a different place, interns must be with co-interns, local believers, or people who can host them.

The exceptions for traveling and taking time off are:

  • You need to renew your visa by leaving and re-entering the country. Duration of trip is  48 hours maximum.
  • You are enrolled in school at your location and have a required class trip.
  • You have a family emergency.
  • There is a trip arranged by your missionary on-site or by your sending church. (i.e. missionary rally or gathering, AMI event in the US)
  • For other reasons, please seek permission from your on-site missionary and your sending church.

For all travel-related agendas, interns must get permission from the on-site ministry leader and their sending church. In addition, always notify the AMI Missions Coordinator at goingami@gmail.com about your travel plans.

13. Am I allowed to extend my internship to a 2nd year? If yes, how do I extend my internship?

1YR interns who desire to extend another year in his/her role as an intern with AMI missions must re-apply for the 1-year internship and receive approval by AMI lead pastors. Please email goingami@gmail.com for a renewal application. The renewal application period usually opens on December 1 and closes on the last day of January.

For more helpful information for prospective interns, visit Internship Handbook.