AMI Cohort Program

Upon acceptance into the AMI 1-YR Internship, the intern will be enrolled into the AMI Cohort Program. This program consists of a pre-departure training, ongoing care, and a formal debrief upon re-entry.

The goals of the cohort program are for interns to:

  1. To receive guidance in the pre-departure, internship, and re-entry stages.
  2. To become aware of the adjustments and challenges they may face as they serve in a new ministry context.
  3. To share with one another about their experience and realizations.
  4. To grow in understanding of missions, themselves, and God’s call upon their lives.

The pre-departure training involves:

  1. Building a biblical perspective for missions.
  2. Developing interpersonal tools for cross-cultural engagement and service in both local and global ministry contexts.
  3. Learning how to raise financial and prayer support.
  4. Cohort groups will meet via video conference calls that are arranged and led by the AMI Cohort Program Manager.

The debrief upon re-entry involves:

  1. Processing and sharing key highlights and lowlights.
  2. Reflecting on lessons and realizations.
  3. Envisioning what ongoing service to God looks like.