Internship Overview


AMI provides 1-year internships for young adults to serve alongside full-time ministry leaders so that they may see God’s global purpose at work and develop a lifestyle in line with God’s mission.

At AMI, we believe that a person’s post-college and young adult stage is an opportune time to devote one year in serving the Lord and supporting full-time ministry workers. The goal of the internship is for the intern to grow in understanding of God’s global work, to participate in the local ministry at their assigned location, and to build values that will shape one’s future career, family and ongoing service to God.


To be eligible for the 1-year internship, an applicant must be an active member of an AMI church. The internship year begins in July and ends in July in the following year. The internship program enfolds all interns into a cohort group, through which they receive pre-departure training, ongoing care, a formal debrief upon re-entry. The cohort group typically begins four months before the start of the internship year. In the pre-departure period, the cohort group is also required to attend AMI Institute, a two-week course focusing on the DNA, philosophy, and ministry practices of AMI, and AMI Revolution, a conference focused on mobilizing college students and recent graduates for God’s kingdom work.

For a general timeline of the entire internship program, visit Internship Timeline.

The roles that interns will play varies by location, but primarily each intern will support the team of full-time ministry workers by engaging in evangelism, discipleship, and nurturing meaningful relationships with local believers and non-Christians. Interns may be asked to lead in different ministries such as small groups, outreach activities, campus fellowships, and children’s ministries.