Steps to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the AMI 1-YR Internship!

The online application period for 2019-2020 internships has closed. For questions regarding 2019-2020 internships, contact the AMI Missions Coordinator at

Steps for Applying: 

  1. Spend time in prayer and discuss with your pastor and family about your interest in the 1-year internship.
  2. Review the application and internship requirements (See below).
  3. Visit Important Forms to complete an AMI 1-YR Internship Online Application.
  4. Submit two references. One reference should be your current AMI pastor and the second reference should be a current cell leader or a ministry leader.  Ask your two references to submit a reference by visiting Important Forms for the AMI 1-YR Internship Online Reference Form.

Application Requirements:

  1. All applicants must be an active Christian for at least 3 years.
  2. All applicants must be an active member of an AMI church for at least one year. Active membership includes 1) regular Sunday worship attendance, 2) regular cell group attendance, and 3) tithing.
  3. All applicants must have a completed B.A./B.S. degree before departing for the internship.

Requirements Upon Acceptance:

  1. Upon being accepted, all interns must raise prayer and financial support.
  2. All interns must participate in the AMI Cohort Program. Visit AMI Cohort Program for more information.
  3. All interns must attend AMI Institute at the end of May and AMI Revolution at the end of June.

For information on frequently asked questions, visit FAQs.